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What Is Asbestos?

When it comes to asbestos, one of the most confusing things about the material is identifying it. Many South Australian homes and buildings were constructed with the material in some way, shape or form, whether it be for flooring or roofing before it was ever known to be damaging to health.


Finding out whether material on your property is asbestos can be tricky! At Asbestos Removal Adelaide, we have been safely removing and inspecting the material for over 15 years. Our team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you understand the severity of your roofing system with our thorough asbestos sample testing service. This will help you identify whether material on your property poses a serious threat to the health of those in your Adelaide home or business.


Where are asbestos found?

Asbestos can be found in Adelaide homes and businesses that were constructed before 1990.


Asbestos can be very challenging to identify for those who are not familiar with the material, and it can prove near impossible from a visual inspection. The only way to be sure that asbestos is present is to have a sample professionally tested.


Why Is Professional Asbestos Removal So Important?

One of the core challenges with Adelaide commercial and residential asbestos removal is safety. Asbestos has the potential to lead to severe health issues, such as lung cancer, so it is critically important that the removal of the material is undertaken by a professional from start to finish.


At Asbestos Removal Adelaide, we can identify and remove asbestos in a safe and efficient manner with no risk to you.  Our services are safe and designed around you and our team's personal well-being. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years we have an in-depth understanding of Australian asbestos removal regulations, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. 





Our Philosophy on Asbestos Removal



Our professionalism in service speaks for itself; from the moment you make your first call to us, to when your project is finalised. We take the time to make sure you are completely confident with our process and aware of our strong commitment to safety. Our abilities are directed by the experience and knowledge of our team and this is where our great strength lies.


With the help of our fully trained and accredited team, we can help you with the safe removal and clean-up of asbestos found in your home.


Why Are Asbestos Removal Adelaide Different



Safety first


We come to you


Fully trained and accredited





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